Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our diversity defines us, and our commonalities connect us.

We are an incredibly diverse company with many races, ethnicities, beliefs, sexual orientations, and cultures, and we are built on a set of strong principles, including respect and kindness. We are on a journey to advance equality, diversity, and inclusion in our communities.

Our Mission

We are focused on creating an inclusive space across our markets and communities where all feel heard and supported with a commitment to equal development, equal pay, and equal opportunity for all our people.

We know that diversity drives innovation and representation is not only important to our people but key to our continued business success. We know that advancing equality and change requires education, partnering with our communities, and putting in place policies and actions to create a leadership that looks and feels like our customers.


Our employees should feel they have the ability to, Stand up! and Speak up!, and that when they do they will be listened to and heard.


We should, Show up!, so our employees feel supported no matter who they are and bring their whole selves to work.


Our employees should see themselves in leadership and feel our leaders are representative of our markets, our customers and our people.

We are committed to actions that advance lasting change.

We have learned from our people, heard about their experiences, and listened to what equality, diversity, and inclusion means to them which informed our current Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) pillars.


We are committed to ensuring our workplace has gender balance at every level of the organization, especially leadership, and that we publicize and offer equal development opportunities.


    International Women’s Day

    Every March, we come together as one company to celebrate our unique diversity on International Women’s Day (IWD) across all of our markets. IWD brings focus to the topic of gender equality, but it’s also an opportunity to reflect on all forms of diversity that helps our company grow, innovate and create a unique culture.

  • Gender-Based Violence

    Gender-Based Violence

    We stand against violence in all forms.

    We recognize gender-based violence is widespread, especially in our regions. We pledge to do everything in our power to educate, prevent, protect, and support against gender-based violence.

    Our Gender-Based Violence policy educates our people about gender-based violence, reaffirms our zero-tolerance policy for any type of violence or aggression, identifies actionable steps for victims / managers / colleagues to take, defines our assistance program, and provides resources for support.

    Download our gender-based violence policy and workplace resources


    Mentorship Program

    We offer a mentorship program to develop those who have been identified as high potential talent, with a focus on underrepresented groups.

    Through this program, an employee is paired with a senior leader of the company who shares their knowledge, gives them exposure to their day-to-day activities and responsibilities, and coaches them on what it takes to be a successful leader.


    ELLAS Resource Group

    • ELLAS is a women-focused employee-led volunteer group, where employees can engage and become change agents for achieving gender equality. Offering a safe space for social connection and candid emotional sharing while working to achieve gender diversity in our company and communities.
    • Our mission is to empower women to thrive and reach their full potential through Representation, Allyship, Support, and Connection.
    • Areas of Focus:
      • Career sponsorship & development
      • Supporting the community
      • Creating a safe space & a culture of companionship
      • Align with Company goals, providing insights on women as talent


We support, encourage, and stand up for the equality and fairness for all sexualities and gender identities.

  • Pride Month

    Pride Month

    We celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and host a virtual Pride event where our colleagues, our leaders, and external speakers discussed why LGBTQIA+ inclusivity is important and how we can all be allies.

  • Pride Resource Group

    Pride Resource Group

    As one of our first employee resource groups (ERG), our Pride ERG will:

    • Help to create / support a diverse and inclusive work environment aligned with our culture by creating inclusive spaces within the organization including physical spaces.
    • Provide another opportunity for employees to develop personally / professionally and display their leadership skills.
    • Collectively tackle company-wide challenges / policies (e.g. recruitment practices, pay equity, representation).
    • Raise awareness through education, advocacy, and outreach (internally and externally).


We recognize that when it comes to race and ethnicity, the experiences of our employees can vary significantly depending on how they identify. We celebrate and support all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities.

  • Racial Equality

    Through our ongoing education and awareness initiatives, our people will understand better the various cultural and structural conditions that have resulted in historically excluded racial groups (specifically Black and people of color) in leadership, will be able to better support and appreciate our racial and ethnic differences, and learn how being an ally can support our diversity.


CEO Action

Our CEO signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Pledge with a focus on four commitments: Open Dialogue, Implicit Bias Training, Information Sharing and Developing D&I Plans.

Leadership Initiatives

We regularly educate our leaders and equip them with the knowledge to be champions of equality, diversity, and inclusion.


We have invested in a strategic partnership with Billie Jean King Enterprises to aide in our EDI journey. This partnership has inspired and driven us to explore beneficial partnerships with like-minded organizations to further demonstrate our commitment towards equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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